Autumn comes late…

wb 11

So I took pictures for a “fall” look – in the fall – and hey now it’s almost spring, so. This is what my life looks like.

But hey better late than never.

I threw together this outfit and in retrospect realize that it follows a lot of Japanese fashion trends that I didn’t intend to talk about now…but might as well. This is what happens when you snag a bunch of random pieces from different stores over a few months then toss them together unconsciously, I guess. (Looks like I’m turning Japanese…?)

There’s not a ton of variety in the popular women’s fashion in Japan (excluding the EXTREME trends of Lolita, Yamamba, etc.). Most of it looks really preppy or soccer-mom-y, which needless to say doesn’t float my boat. BUT the other side of the coin is a sort of tomboy, skater look (minus the skateboards and any street cred). This style I can deal with.

In short (and I should come back to this topic at some point…), you see a lot of slouchy sweatshirts, long fitted skirts, boyfriend jeans, and beanies or snapbacks – AND flannels, so naturally I’m on board. If the clothing items themselves weren’t so clean and vibrant and new looking, they might hedge on grunge, I reckon, but in a land where having non-manufactured holes in your clothes is basically scandal, it seems like this is as close to “grungy” as it’s gonna get. Also, since it’s Japan, there’s a pretty deeply ingrained image of femininity that even the more “masculine” of women’s styles can’t shake. Basically, “tomboy” or not, there’s an indelible aspect of “cute” (more appropriate, kawaii) and effeminate present.

Anyway. Ambiguous anthropological ramble aside, I wore this:

 winter blog 1

wb 4

All articles I purchased in Japan, minus the 502 shirt of course (represent).
Beanie: 380 yen store (basically a dollar store…except everything costs 4 dollars; and they have shittons of clothes!)
Jacket: Thrifted
Skirt: GQ (do these exist in the states? Basically GQ is to Uniqlo what Old Navy is to Gap…except GQ is fuckin’ baller.)
Coat: Global Work (what a piece of shit.)
Tights: who cares they’re from somewhere generic in America.

Beanies I realize are kind of whatever and maybe not so much considered “fashion” in the States as just a hipster trademark (provided the weather doesn’t necessitate a hat), but they’re everywhere here. I tried to avoid the cutesy-ness of the general trend and got a gray one. FOR FOUR DOLLARS HOW DO YOU TURN THAT SHIT DOWN?

The jacket, aside from being the same forest green as every other article of women’s clothing in this country, strikes me as pretty uniquely Japanese for some reason. Maybe it’s the cut, but I dunno. I feel like I haven’t seen anything quite like it in the States. (Also yes, the tassels are fucking annoying.)

The skirt I love because, aside from being super comfortable, it’s actually form-fitting, which you hardly ever see in Japan. A lot of baggier, layered styles are also on trend, and they’re super cute; but given my shapelier…shape, I wasn’t invited to that party. This piece, however, is surprisingly flattering.

wb 8

The coat – UGH, the coat. I kinda hate it now because it’s not super warm and practical, despite how much it cost; but this style is apparently super popular. Barely exaggerating when I say 90% of the women I pass on the street wear a variation of this coat: army green, fur trim, cinched waist. Green is generally not my color of choice, but I had to go for it. Call it a subconscious desire to fit in or whatever.

wb 10

The makeup…I can’t really justify. I just did really basic, natural face makeup paired with some pretty dramatic eyes (I had falsies leftover from Halloween…). Maybe it’s just the green clothes and brown makeup making me look like a forest, but something about the ensemble recalls…a deer? I dunno; call it my satirical take on the “doe-eyed” cutesy-ness of Japanese feminine fashion.

prof pic now


ALSO, since this outfit is pretty conservative and Japanese-y, I can wear almost this exact look to work! Minus the makeup…and the hat and t-shirt, technically.

Hey, I’m coping.

Peace, bitches.

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