Something Wicked…

If my last post was late by a mere two seasons, this one still wins for tardiness by being an entire year late. BUT HEY that works because time is atrociously cyclical, and although these pictures are a year old their theme is once again pertinent.

Yes, it’s a Halloween post. I for one am gd excited.

dead doll closeup

My dead eyes belie my enthusiasm.

In the country that invented Cosplaying you’d think Halloween would be a big fuckin’ deal, but sadly that’s not entirely the case. People get hyped enough to dress up, and stores may throw up a few decorations; but somehow Japanese Halloween still pales (lol punz) in comparison to the American holiday. Maybe it’s just because fall in Kyushu occurs late and passes quickly, but weather aside I can’t help but think Japan just lacks the hivemind of eeriness and debauchery that permeates the very atmosphere of Halloween in America.

But for what Nippon lacks in Jack o’ Lanterns and Trick-or-Treaters, it has plenty of grown-ass adults who’ll take any excuse for a night of shenanigans – and enough gaijin to bring some real Halloween game.

halloween group 1

Last year (before I bought my camera, so pardon the iPhone pictures) I went for a fairly generic creepy doll kind of look. I wanted something on the “scary” side of the costume spectrum, and given the shortage of materials to work with, I knew I’d have to rely pretty heavily on makeup for effect. So without spending buckets of money on imported supplies, this was the result.


The romper was thrifted – and the main reason I decided on the dead doll idea. For lack of availability of more elaborate costumes, I figured if there was one thing I could find in Japan it would be cutesy, frilly tea party dresses. (I might’ve bought two that are nearly identical, but hey you only live twice.)

The makeup, which is admittedly not my strong suit, was improvised using products I already had – minus the straight up geisha white-base I had to get from Amazon.

Most amazing costume ever? Nope. BUT I DID WHAT I COULD IN MY SITUATION, OKAY?! It’s the thought that counts (and other excuses people make for their shortcomings). But despite the same shortage of supplies, I am never lacking in ideas, and this year, I have similarly wicked plans…although, “wicked” in a different sense.

SUSPENSE MUCH? We’ll see if that play on words even works out. Or if I manage to post this year’s costume before next Halloween.

Time will tell.


halloween group 2

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