Paint Me As A Villain…

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That “wicked” joke starting to make sense now? Barely? Good enough.

Since I’d already abused my hair into this gross straw color (and straw consistency, incidentally, oops) I figured there was no better costume than the lovely and psychotic Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D.

P1010700 edit

Me and the rest of the gd world, it seems.

I thought I’d get a leg up and go as Harley this year rather than after the movie actually comes out, BUT as there is no such thing as originality and thus is the unbearable lightness of being, literally everyone else in the world apparently had that same thought.

DSC_2053 edit

Sigh. Figures.

Since there are roughly 6000 Harley tutorials out there already, I’m gonna abstain from dumping another one into the internet void. Instead here are the results of a totally sober photo shoot from this my second Halloween in Japan.

DSC_2068 edit

Totally sober.

And I might as well go through the products I used. Pourquoi pas.

P1010711 edit

Baseball Tee – 400 Yen Store (RIP) + my minimal artistic efforts
Shorts – Forever 21
Tights – Claire’s
Boots – DSW

Again, like last year, I had to make do with street clothes instead of any costume shop stuff, and since I’m lazy and unskilled the result is not an exact replica of the character. But who cares. Incidentally this is the exact outfit I wore on my birthday this year, except that the shirt got stained pink in the wash somehow (I don’t own any pink so…wat). Lucky Harley and I share the same taste in fashion.

DSC_2016 edit

My costume choices are never much of a stretch from my actual personality. Interpret that as you will.

Strong #Halloween #spoiler

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Makeup-wise: again, living in Japan necessitates heavy reliance on makeup for Halloween purposes, but Harley’s is simple enough that it turned out surprisingly spot on IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

White base – ねり白粉, crazy geisha shit

Eyes – Hijack by Urban Decay (blue eye)
Some nameless blush by YSL (pink eye…)
M6 Brown shadow from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black (which I HATE for everyday use, but worked nicely over the white base)
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes eye pencil (also used for the CHEEKy heart)

Brows – M1 (brown) and M7 (black) from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Lips – Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in whatever the dark bloody color is

+ some drugstore eyelashes and mascara, and Claire’s hairspray that matched Harley’s dye job shockingly well
++ bruising and fake blood because why not it’s Halloween

P1010704 edit

And anything goes on Halloween…

…At least in America. It’s safe to say not everyone was quite on my level of enthusiasm…So many confused passers-by.

DSC_2086 edit

U wot, m8?

Don’t worry, guys. This is normal. I’m a cultural ambassador, this is literally my job.

P1010710 edit

Normal, I tell you. Just ignore the bat.

Thankfully “Suicide Squad” hasn’t been hyped in Japan at all, so even within the gaijin crowd I was in fact the only Harley. And for all the nihonjin I encountered that night, they were just left to wonder why I was talking in such an annoying accent.


Shouts out to my also totally sober photographers, who were kind enough to step away from beer pong and take photos of me on the street.

DSC_2099 edit

And also during beer pong…


Which was less of this…


…and a lot of this.

Thanks for capturing my shame, guys. Guess Harley sucks at pong.



I owe most of my badass photos to this lady, who unlike me actually knows how to use a camera. Instagram to prove it:

Gracias, Furiosa. ❤

All in all, it proved to be a Halloween of fairly epic proportions. Moreover, it was the anniversary of my meeting the amazing fools pictured throughout this post – and that in itself was reason to celebrate.


Long live the Pussy Posse.

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