Quarter Life Crisis…

Huh. Lookkit that. It’s a YouTube video. I made a YouTube video.

It was only a matter of time tbh.

As if it wasn’t clear from my haphazard attempts at chronicling my life and interests through blogging, I am very much in the throes of the proverbial Quarter Life Crisis, which is a lot of WHO AM I? and WHAT DO I CARE ABOUT? and WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE? (Definitive answers forthcoming.)

While I continue to wrestle with those obnoxious queries, there is one thing I can affirmatively say I need in life: Art. I need to create it to survive, be that through writing, drawing, photography, music – and now video. Why the hell not.

I had planned to write a post about the so-called Quarter Life Crisis, but it turned into more a script, and then a video. Always down to experiment with different mediums.

Have a cheeky watch if that strikes your fancy! I’m still figuring out the odds and ends of editing and stuff, so any comments or advice would be appreciated. Or who knows, maybe I actually managed to be entertaining.

If not, there’s always Art for Art’s Sake. ❤

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