Osaka Mini Vlog

So, all those tiny clips I filmed in August of my trip through southern Japan – they’re finally being edited! Punctual as always, Charlotte. Gr8 job.

This one is super baby short because we didn’t spend much time in Osaka, but the Kyoto and Hiroshima ones should be longer. (I say that now. Famous last words.)

Sidenote: I’m new to YouTube (clearly) and am not totally sure how to best format these vlogs. My camera films in HD, but I feel like I’m still losing some image quality when I upload. Is there a trick to improving this? Should I let YouTube “stabilize” my videos?

It’s totally possible it was just my filming (hashtag shaky cam), BUT if you have any ADVICE on the matter it would be appreciated.

Plz and thnx. XX

P.S. Pictures from Osaka etc. should eventually make it to my Japan blog. Link below and in my About Me if you care to take a gander.


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