How to Speak Japanese

We interrupt our regularly scheduled hair-related programming to bring you a new video: How to Speak Japanese (A Scathingly Sarcastic Guide).

I’m weirdly proud of this video, content- and editing-wise – to the point that I almost feel compelled to share it with people I actually know….’Cause yes, shocker, my YouTube channel as well as this blog are somewhat secret. Millennial self-importance meets shame. Typical.

Comically, a dream I had the other night featuring a certain YouTuber (who shall go unnamed to protect my dignity as a fangirl) suggested I need to stop hiding my these secrets (however cringe they may be) and unify the stratified parts of my self – that is to say, the “me” my friends know and the “me” I am alone.

…We’ll see how much nagging I can take from my subconscious before I actually heed its suggestions.

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