Space Punx + Sakura

We’re baaaack.


lighthouse pose crop

宇宙人 | Space Punk


And we come bearing photos.

Just landed…

These are from a shoot the fabulous Jazmin and I did back in March, during the short window of time when the sakura bloom in Japan. Rather than have a traditional hanami (flower viewing), we of course turned the opportunity into a photoshoot.


Aliens + Cherry Blossoms.
Because we can.

makeup crop

Foundation – MAC Studio Waterweight in NC 15
Bronzer – Anastasia Beverly Hills Illumin8 in ‘Sun Bronzed’
Blush – Hervana by Benefit
Highlight – Charlotte Bronson’s ‘Shoshanna’ trio
Brows – S7 from the Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ palette
Eyeshadow – MAC
Lips – ‘Gel’ by MAC
Lashes – Dollywink
Septum ring – Crazy Factory


‘Mum’ T-shirt – Zara
Apron dress – Zara
Shoes – Zara (shocker)
Tights – GL I have no idea


And yes, these are the Space Buns of which I spoke, plus curls. (P.S.: I genuinely had no idea I didn’t come up with the term ‘space buns’. Baader-Meinhof? Idk lol.)

Also fun fact: somebody called the COPS on us ’cause they thought we were trying to break into this lighthouse. But when they showed up they were too timid to talk to us, so.

Guys. C’mon. Come. On. We’re just here to dress weird and take pictures. Find your chill.



Jazmin, modeling an alternative to Space Buns – twist buns, or as we referred to them in college, Miley Buns. Whatever you wanna call ’em, they cute.

As for this bitch’s clothes and makeup, you’d have to ask her. I did her eyes from a MAC palette and her brows from the same Smashbox palette I used for mine, but the rest is a mystery~


Thanks, as always, to this beauty for letting me draw on her face/dump glitter in her hair/take pictures of her. ❤


She’s the sweet alien.


…Or is she?




Space Punks don’t care if you’re not supposed to climb sakura trees. Slash we didn’t know. Oops.

And yeah, sakura are gr8 and everything, but…


We also found hella dandelions. Shit is gorgeous.



Homesick for the home planet.


And yes, I took one trash traffic-mirror selfie, give me a break.


…And a derpy selfie of us because how else do you wrap a photoshoot?


Stalk Jazmin on instaslam for more actual photography, if you’re into ridiculously beautiful pictures of Japan.


space buns behind

Until next time, Space Punks.



Daiso Haul!

Heyo – I made another video! (And a rhyme!)

In which I take my first trip to Daiso, a Japanese dollar store (108 yen technically, but), and walk away with a stupid amount of dumb purchases. Oops.

Take a look and appreciate how out of hand I let my roots get before finally dyeing my hair again. Lesson learned. Sigh.

P.S.: This video comes with a bonus drinking game – take a shot every time I say “origami” and risk a swift death. Play at your own risk.


地震 | Earthquake

Where the hell have I been? Glad you asked.


…I’ve been in the middle of a bunch of earthquakes.

I don’t know how much it’s being discussed abroad, but my prefecture in Japan has been wracked with quakes lately – the biggest they’ve had since 3/11. I’M FINE, which is honestly just plain luck, but needless to say it’s delayed my posting/uploading for the past while.

BUT I’M BACK (God willing.)

The hair challenge continues – new material is on the way! But in the meantime here’s a “vlog” I finally finished editing.

…I just hit paste and a picture of a sheep came up. Wrong link.


A “behind the scenes” look at filming a vlog….Or at least what happens when I try to film a vlog. This is what I get for trying to have a mind-expanding cultural experience.

Anyway, hopefully the earth is done shaking (knock on wood). Hair stuff soon.


Nagasaki Lantern Festival

Little vlog from the amazing and gorgeous Nagasaki Lantern Festival back in February. It was actually oddly nostalgic throwing this video together…until I remembered how gross and cold it was the whole weekend. Still, 10/10 would go again. And eat more Chinese street food.

Trash Queendom

So, you know the ghost town we’ve been trying to find? No?

Oh, that’s right, I didn’t mention it on this blog. It’s on the Japan blog that my friends and relatives actually know about. Anyway.

We kinda found one! Sort of. My friend/queen Jazmin found a decrepit industrial building/structure of some sort that’s been tagged all over the place and covered in trash, SO, naturally, we thought it was the perfect place for a photoshoot.


Slash I might just move there.


I feel right at home.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Trash throne.

Shouts out as always to Jazmin, photographer extraordinaire and just overall stellar person-who-puts-up-with-my-shit.


Plus she cute.



We did some dumb shit to get these photos as well, like climbing up walls and through brambles and shit – needless to say, in heels.

Talk about living on the edge amirite?


And yes, I have a Common Culture sweatshirt; I am YouTube trash, okay? But that aside, it also makes for a great skate punk piece.

Also support artists and creators etc. etc.


Smile if you’re garbage.


BTW the dress (only clothing article worth mentioning I suppose) is from Zara (duh). Leather is a necessity for the Space Punk.

More of Jazmin’s legitimate photography (and the occasional car window selfie) on instaslam:

Some real yanki lookin muffintop eatin asses

A post shared by Jazmin Guerrero (@jazmanian_devil_) on

And yes yes more hair stuff coming. LET ME FIX MY ROOTS OKAY.

Until then, 宇宙人 ~

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How to Speak Japanese

We interrupt our regularly scheduled hair-related programming to bring you a new video: How to Speak Japanese (A Scathingly Sarcastic Guide).

I’m weirdly proud of this video, content- and editing-wise – to the point that I almost feel compelled to share it with people I actually know….’Cause yes, shocker, my YouTube channel as well as this blog are somewhat secret. Millennial self-importance meets shame. Typical.

Comically, a dream I had the other night featuring a certain YouTuber (who shall go unnamed to protect my dignity as a fangirl) suggested I need to stop hiding my these secrets (however cringe they may be) and unify the stratified parts of my self – that is to say, the “me” my friends know and the “me” I am alone.

…We’ll see how much nagging I can take from my subconscious before I actually heed its suggestions.

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Kyoto Vlog – Silver Pavilion


FINALLY I have ascended from the freakin’ Dark Ages and got a new laptop! REJOICE. That said, iMovie 10 fucking blows for exporting video, but shou ga nai I guess.

Anyway. Here’s another vloglette from this summer: a look at Kyoto’s Ginkakuji, AKA the Silver Pavilion.

Kyoto is one of my favorite places in the world – mostly because of the bougie shopping, but the history is nice too I GUESS. The park around Ginkakuji is truly gorgeous.

Blah blah Kyoto photos will eventually appear on my Japan blog @nihonderunin blah blah you know the drill. I can’t procrastinate on that much longer.

Or can I.


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