Space Punx + Sakura

We’re baaaack.


lighthouse pose crop

宇宙人 | Space Punk


And we come bearing photos.

Just landed…

These are from a shoot the fabulous Jazmin and I did back in March, during the short window of time when the sakura bloom in Japan. Rather than have a traditional hanami (flower viewing), we of course turned the opportunity into a photoshoot.


Aliens + Cherry Blossoms.
Because we can.

makeup crop

Foundation – MAC Studio Waterweight in NC 15
Bronzer – Anastasia Beverly Hills Illumin8 in ‘Sun Bronzed’
Blush – Hervana by Benefit
Highlight – Charlotte Bronson’s ‘Shoshanna’ trio
Brows – S7 from the Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ palette
Eyeshadow – MAC
Lips – ‘Gel’ by MAC
Lashes – Dollywink
Septum ring – Crazy Factory


‘Mum’ T-shirt – Zara
Apron dress – Zara
Shoes – Zara (shocker)
Tights – GL I have no idea


And yes, these are the Space Buns of which I spoke, plus curls. (P.S.: I genuinely had no idea I didn’t come up with the term ‘space buns’. Baader-Meinhof? Idk lol.)

Also fun fact: somebody called the COPS on us ’cause they thought we were trying to break into this lighthouse. But when they showed up they were too timid to talk to us, so.

Guys. C’mon. Come. On. We’re just here to dress weird and take pictures. Find your chill.



Jazmin, modeling an alternative to Space Buns – twist buns, or as we referred to them in college, Miley Buns. Whatever you wanna call ’em, they cute.

As for this bitch’s clothes and makeup, you’d have to ask her. I did her eyes from a MAC palette and her brows from the same Smashbox palette I used for mine, but the rest is a mystery~


Thanks, as always, to this beauty for letting me draw on her face/dump glitter in her hair/take pictures of her. ❤


She’s the sweet alien.


…Or is she?




Space Punks don’t care if you’re not supposed to climb sakura trees. Slash we didn’t know. Oops.

And yeah, sakura are gr8 and everything, but…


We also found hella dandelions. Shit is gorgeous.



Homesick for the home planet.


And yes, I took one trash traffic-mirror selfie, give me a break.


…And a derpy selfie of us because how else do you wrap a photoshoot?


Stalk Jazmin on instaslam for more actual photography, if you’re into ridiculously beautiful pictures of Japan.


space buns behind

Until next time, Space Punks.



Trash Queendom

So, you know the ghost town we’ve been trying to find? No?

Oh, that’s right, I didn’t mention it on this blog. It’s on the Japan blog that my friends and relatives actually know about. Anyway.

We kinda found one! Sort of. My friend/queen Jazmin found a decrepit industrial building/structure of some sort that’s been tagged all over the place and covered in trash, SO, naturally, we thought it was the perfect place for a photoshoot.


Slash I might just move there.


I feel right at home.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Trash throne.

Shouts out as always to Jazmin, photographer extraordinaire and just overall stellar person-who-puts-up-with-my-shit.


Plus she cute.



We did some dumb shit to get these photos as well, like climbing up walls and through brambles and shit – needless to say, in heels.

Talk about living on the edge amirite?


And yes, I have a Common Culture sweatshirt; I am YouTube trash, okay? But that aside, it also makes for a great skate punk piece.

Also support artists and creators etc. etc.


Smile if you’re garbage.


BTW the dress (only clothing article worth mentioning I suppose) is from Zara (duh). Leather is a necessity for the Space Punk.

More of Jazmin’s legitimate photography (and the occasional car window selfie) on instaslam:

Some real yanki lookin muffintop eatin asses

A post shared by Jazmin Guerrero (@jazmanian_devil_) on

And yes yes more hair stuff coming. LET ME FIX MY ROOTS OKAY.

Until then, 宇宙人 ~

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“Bite” Inspired Makeup Look


So you know how you get bored and have random makeovers/photoshoots?

Sure you do. Or if you really don’t, try living alone in rural Japan for over a year. You take up a shitload of hobbies.

This little endeavor exercised like three of my hobbies/interests – fashion, makeup, photography. Note that I’m still learning/experimenting with all of them.

In this case: baby plays with aperture for the first time. Gives a nice 90s, polaroid look to my despicably unaesthetic apartment.

Nothing can be done for that horrific couch, though.


Shit, did I say three interests? I meant four: music plays a role in this as well.

I’d been meaning to do a look based on Troye Sivan’s “Bite” for a minute (is it not the sexiest fucking song ever?) and finally threw this together with additional inspiration from Glam&Gore‘s pointed lip look (video linked at the bottom).

The song has a sort of funhouse-y feel to it, so the look’s a little clownish and…well, the word “unsettling” comes to mind. Off-putting. Pierrette meets vamp.
Still, personally I would totally wear this kinda look out. Stranger things have happened.

Couldn’t resist including the “sex” industrial.

Also btw (bonus points for continuity) I used the Dutch Braid Pigtails from my last tutorial, this time binding the braids off at the nape.

bite makeup 1bite makeup 2


Makeup-wise, I used an Urban Decay Book of Shadows palette for the eyes, some crazy Japanese drugstore liquid liner, an Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, and…well, believe it or not Mac’s Matte Royale for the lips…

They’re blue, okay, just…purple in the pictures. (Hi aperture I still don’t really know what you do or if this is even your fault.) And for lack of black lipstick/paints I just made due with different eyeliners for the pointed lip. Not ideal, but it worked fine for a random weekday night photo-op.

The lashes were my first foray into Dolly Wink products…and holy shit they are incredible. The glue that came with them doesn’t dry totally clear though, so no bonus points there.

The dress (yes the same one from my first Halloween post ages ago) I got at a thrift store in Japan, and the jewelry is all random crap from the fabled 400 Yen store (RIP T_T) and shops in Shibuya. The gloves, laughably, I believe are from Claire’s from like…how old am I?…10 years ago Jesus.


This is what happens when I try to stay in on a Friday and be responsible. I still end up caking myself in makeup and wasting time.

I’m an adult.

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Paint Me As A Villain…

DSC_2095 edit close

That “wicked” joke starting to make sense now? Barely? Good enough.

Since I’d already abused my hair into this gross straw color (and straw consistency, incidentally, oops) I figured there was no better costume than the lovely and psychotic Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D.

P1010700 edit

Me and the rest of the gd world, it seems.

I thought I’d get a leg up and go as Harley this year rather than after the movie actually comes out, BUT as there is no such thing as originality and thus is the unbearable lightness of being, literally everyone else in the world apparently had that same thought.

DSC_2053 edit

Sigh. Figures.

Since there are roughly 6000 Harley tutorials out there already, I’m gonna abstain from dumping another one into the internet void. Instead here are the results of a totally sober photo shoot from this my second Halloween in Japan.

DSC_2068 edit

Totally sober.

And I might as well go through the products I used. Pourquoi pas.

P1010711 edit

Baseball Tee – 400 Yen Store (RIP) + my minimal artistic efforts
Shorts – Forever 21
Tights – Claire’s
Boots – DSW

Again, like last year, I had to make do with street clothes instead of any costume shop stuff, and since I’m lazy and unskilled the result is not an exact replica of the character. But who cares. Incidentally this is the exact outfit I wore on my birthday this year, except that the shirt got stained pink in the wash somehow (I don’t own any pink so…wat). Lucky Harley and I share the same taste in fashion.

DSC_2016 edit

My costume choices are never much of a stretch from my actual personality. Interpret that as you will.

Strong #Halloween #spoiler

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Makeup-wise: again, living in Japan necessitates heavy reliance on makeup for Halloween purposes, but Harley’s is simple enough that it turned out surprisingly spot on IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF.

White base – ねり白粉, crazy geisha shit

Eyes – Hijack by Urban Decay (blue eye)
Some nameless blush by YSL (pink eye…)
M6 Brown shadow from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette
Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black (which I HATE for everyday use, but worked nicely over the white base)
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes eye pencil (also used for the CHEEKy heart)

Brows – M1 (brown) and M7 (black) from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Lips – Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in whatever the dark bloody color is

+ some drugstore eyelashes and mascara, and Claire’s hairspray that matched Harley’s dye job shockingly well
++ bruising and fake blood because why not it’s Halloween

P1010704 edit

And anything goes on Halloween…

…At least in America. It’s safe to say not everyone was quite on my level of enthusiasm…So many confused passers-by.

DSC_2086 edit

U wot, m8?

Don’t worry, guys. This is normal. I’m a cultural ambassador, this is literally my job.

P1010710 edit

Normal, I tell you. Just ignore the bat.

Thankfully “Suicide Squad” hasn’t been hyped in Japan at all, so even within the gaijin crowd I was in fact the only Harley. And for all the nihonjin I encountered that night, they were just left to wonder why I was talking in such an annoying accent.


Shouts out to my also totally sober photographers, who were kind enough to step away from beer pong and take photos of me on the street.

DSC_2099 edit

And also during beer pong…


Which was less of this…


…and a lot of this.

Thanks for capturing my shame, guys. Guess Harley sucks at pong.



I owe most of my badass photos to this lady, who unlike me actually knows how to use a camera. Instagram to prove it:

Gracias, Furiosa. ❤

All in all, it proved to be a Halloween of fairly epic proportions. Moreover, it was the anniversary of my meeting the amazing fools pictured throughout this post – and that in itself was reason to celebrate.


Long live the Pussy Posse.

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Something Wicked…

If my last post was late by a mere two seasons, this one still wins for tardiness by being an entire year late. BUT HEY that works because time is atrociously cyclical, and although these pictures are a year old their theme is once again pertinent.

Yes, it’s a Halloween post. I for one am gd excited.

dead doll closeup

My dead eyes belie my enthusiasm.

In the country that invented Cosplaying you’d think Halloween would be a big fuckin’ deal, but sadly that’s not entirely the case. People get hyped enough to dress up, and stores may throw up a few decorations; but somehow Japanese Halloween still pales (lol punz) in comparison to the American holiday. Maybe it’s just because fall in Kyushu occurs late and passes quickly, but weather aside I can’t help but think Japan just lacks the hivemind of eeriness and debauchery that permeates the very atmosphere of Halloween in America.

But for what Nippon lacks in Jack o’ Lanterns and Trick-or-Treaters, it has plenty of grown-ass adults who’ll take any excuse for a night of shenanigans – and enough gaijin to bring some real Halloween game.

halloween group 1

Last year (before I bought my camera, so pardon the iPhone pictures) I went for a fairly generic creepy doll kind of look. I wanted something on the “scary” side of the costume spectrum, and given the shortage of materials to work with, I knew I’d have to rely pretty heavily on makeup for effect. So without spending buckets of money on imported supplies, this was the result.


The romper was thrifted – and the main reason I decided on the dead doll idea. For lack of availability of more elaborate costumes, I figured if there was one thing I could find in Japan it would be cutesy, frilly tea party dresses. (I might’ve bought two that are nearly identical, but hey you only live twice.)

The makeup, which is admittedly not my strong suit, was improvised using products I already had – minus the straight up geisha white-base I had to get from Amazon.

Most amazing costume ever? Nope. BUT I DID WHAT I COULD IN MY SITUATION, OKAY?! It’s the thought that counts (and other excuses people make for their shortcomings). But despite the same shortage of supplies, I am never lacking in ideas, and this year, I have similarly wicked plans…although, “wicked” in a different sense.

SUSPENSE MUCH? We’ll see if that play on words even works out. Or if I manage to post this year’s costume before next Halloween.

Time will tell.


halloween group 2

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Autumn comes late…

wb 11

So I took pictures for a “fall” look – in the fall – and hey now it’s almost spring, so. This is what my life looks like.

But hey better late than never.

I threw together this outfit and in retrospect realize that it follows a lot of Japanese fashion trends that I didn’t intend to talk about now…but might as well. This is what happens when you snag a bunch of random pieces from different stores over a few months then toss them together unconsciously, I guess. (Looks like I’m turning Japanese…?)

There’s not a ton of variety in the popular women’s fashion in Japan (excluding the EXTREME trends of Lolita, Yamamba, etc.). Most of it looks really preppy or soccer-mom-y, which needless to say doesn’t float my boat. BUT the other side of the coin is a sort of tomboy, skater look (minus the skateboards and any street cred). This style I can deal with.

In short (and I should come back to this topic at some point…), you see a lot of slouchy sweatshirts, long fitted skirts, boyfriend jeans, and beanies or snapbacks – AND flannels, so naturally I’m on board. If the clothing items themselves weren’t so clean and vibrant and new looking, they might hedge on grunge, I reckon, but in a land where having non-manufactured holes in your clothes is basically scandal, it seems like this is as close to “grungy” as it’s gonna get. Also, since it’s Japan, there’s a pretty deeply ingrained image of femininity that even the more “masculine” of women’s styles can’t shake. Basically, “tomboy” or not, there’s an indelible aspect of “cute” (more appropriate, kawaii) and effeminate present.

Anyway. Ambiguous anthropological ramble aside, I wore this:

 winter blog 1

wb 4

All articles I purchased in Japan, minus the 502 shirt of course (represent).
Beanie: 380 yen store (basically a dollar store…except everything costs 4 dollars; and they have shittons of clothes!)
Jacket: Thrifted
Skirt: GQ (do these exist in the states? Basically GQ is to Uniqlo what Old Navy is to Gap…except GQ is fuckin’ baller.)
Coat: Global Work (what a piece of shit.)
Tights: who cares they’re from somewhere generic in America.

Beanies I realize are kind of whatever and maybe not so much considered “fashion” in the States as just a hipster trademark (provided the weather doesn’t necessitate a hat), but they’re everywhere here. I tried to avoid the cutesy-ness of the general trend and got a gray one. FOR FOUR DOLLARS HOW DO YOU TURN THAT SHIT DOWN?

The jacket, aside from being the same forest green as every other article of women’s clothing in this country, strikes me as pretty uniquely Japanese for some reason. Maybe it’s the cut, but I dunno. I feel like I haven’t seen anything quite like it in the States. (Also yes, the tassels are fucking annoying.)

The skirt I love because, aside from being super comfortable, it’s actually form-fitting, which you hardly ever see in Japan. A lot of baggier, layered styles are also on trend, and they’re super cute; but given my shapelier…shape, I wasn’t invited to that party. This piece, however, is surprisingly flattering.

wb 8

The coat – UGH, the coat. I kinda hate it now because it’s not super warm and practical, despite how much it cost; but this style is apparently super popular. Barely exaggerating when I say 90% of the women I pass on the street wear a variation of this coat: army green, fur trim, cinched waist. Green is generally not my color of choice, but I had to go for it. Call it a subconscious desire to fit in or whatever.

wb 10

The makeup…I can’t really justify. I just did really basic, natural face makeup paired with some pretty dramatic eyes (I had falsies leftover from Halloween…). Maybe it’s just the green clothes and brown makeup making me look like a forest, but something about the ensemble recalls…a deer? I dunno; call it my satirical take on the “doe-eyed” cutesy-ness of Japanese feminine fashion.

prof pic now


ALSO, since this outfit is pretty conservative and Japanese-y, I can wear almost this exact look to work! Minus the makeup…and the hat and t-shirt, technically.

Hey, I’m coping.

Peace, bitches.

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