Space Buns

Let the Hair Challenge continue!

This look comes straight out of Japan’s kawaii culture – that is to say, it’s hella cutesy and feminine. Not usually my thing, but with the right outfit and runway snarl you can give it a bit of edge.

I’ve seen these called Kuma (bear) Ears – or shit, you could probs just call them buns, that’s p much what they are – but for the sake of promoting my Space Punk aesthetic, I’ve labeled them Space Buns. Nothing too advanced here technique-wise, but I have Photoshop ffs so hey here’s a tutorial. There are a few ways to obtain this or similar styles, but I went the teasing/pinning route.

panda ears tutorial

1. Create pigtails where you want the buns to lay on your head. (That sounded weird ahem.)
2. Tease the crap outta them pigtails.
Wrap and pin the buns to the shape and size you want.
4. Spray the crap out of that shit.

Voila. Stupid easy. I also curled my hair into loose waves when I last wore this look – as you can see below, in a photo from our last artsy shoot ;).

space buns behind

Look forward to the rest of that photodump soon.
(There were cherry blossoms. And dandelions. So kawaii.)

Also here’s another tutorial for the same basic style that I saw on Pinterest. This lady’s technique and positioning are a bit different than mine, so depending on your hair type/cut this might work better for you. I, having way too much thick-as-fuck hair, had plenty to wrap around into a full bun, but for shorter hair you might have better luck with the technique below.



Also super jelly of her hair color. ON THAT NOTE time to get back on the challenge/tutorial game before my roots grow back.

Stay kawaii, hookers.


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Dutch Braid Pigtails

SO IT BEGINS…with a style that’s decently complimented by my egregious roots.

Dutch Braid Pigtail…things. Not really sure what to call them, but that’s elementally what they are. And since my take on them might be slightly different from the standard – hey, here’s a tutorial. Douzo goran kudasai~

Dutch Pigtails steps.jpg

1. Part your hair down the center. (Since I look ridiculous with a center part, I only parted from the crown back. If your side-bangs are tamer than mine currently are, you can also leave them out of the braids.)
Take 3 strands from the front and begin a Dutch braid (an inside-out French braid; 1 goes under the middle strand (2) then 3 goes under the middle etc.).
Add hair to the outermost strand ONLY (like you would for a braided crown). This keeps the braid situated along the outside of your head toward your ear.
4. Keep braiding. You want to incorporate all your hair by the time you reach the base of your skull. (Since I have thick af hair, I add ~1.5 in. pieces each time.)
Once you’ve incorporated all your hair, braid normally until you reach the ends. (Alternatively, tying the braids off at the base of the head and leaving the pigtails unbraided is a super cute option too.)
Repeat on the other side.

And you’re done!

Dutch braids edit 3

Slightly feminine, slightly edgy, it’s hard to categorize this look – which is to say you can really do what you want with it (fuck labels amirite). Pair it with dark eyes, ripped denim or leather, you’ve got femme-punk. Or there’s always the cutesier route, for which I advocate pastels, a patterned skirt, thigh-highs, and a blouse (since there’s something inextricably schoolgirl about pigtails imo).

Dutch braids edit 1

Personally this hairstyle reminds me of a video game protagonist or something – but that’s probably because I’ve been in Japan for too long.

Apparently it’s “high fashion” and shit now too, at least according to Kim K’s insta (which I do not follow but hey). In any case, thought these were some cool takes on the style:

YEEZY coat & shoes X Adidas jumpsuit

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Can we take a second to appreciate that my self-administered “challenge” is actually underway? No, seriously – you have no idea how shit I am at accomplishing things, even if I actually care about them.

THAT SAID there are more styles/tutorials in the works – and if YOU have any suggestions for styles you want to see, let me know!

Until the next awkward photoshoot ~

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Hair (Tutorial) Challenge

ALRIGHT, enough is enough.

This is getting out of hand. If I’m honest it has been for a while now.

I don’t know how much more I can take.

It’s getting to be about that time…

Time to cut my fucking hair off.



I mean srsly look at this mess.

I’ve been growing my hair out for like 4 years, striving to get it as long as possible, simply because I’d never had long hair before.

There’s a fucking reason for that.

When you've technically had your hair in Dutch braids since last year…

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Exhibit A.

I HATE IT. It takes forever to wash and brush, it looks like shit down (in my case and my opinion at least), and as far as bad hair days go, they seem to rear their ugly heads (GET IT) more frequently the longer mine grows.


And good hair days (see above) require a level of try-harding for which I lack the energy.

I miss having short hair. I loved it. (And I think we can all agree it suits me better, if you were to pretend to have an opinion on the matter.) But the reason I forsook it is not lost on me: I wanted long hair, for once in my life, so I could learn how to style it.

Arguably, I did learn how to style it…Mission accomplished?

I blame the advent of the fishtail braid. And just…Pinterest. This is your fault.



Braids 4 days.

I got caught up in the torrent of hair tutorials granted me by stumbleupon during the many hours of Asian Studies lectures I spent web-surfing, and now here I stand, master of the long outdated fishtail braid and its brethren, purveyor of long straw-blonde hairs that trail in my wake wherever I go.

That said: I’m gonna cut this shit off. Soon.


The doe-eyed stare stays tho. Obvs.

BUT: before that, I wanna take it on one last spin (and dye it one more color, maybe) and explore just how much I’ve learned to do in the way of styling long-ass hair. This blog’s about to get hit with a shitton of hair photos (and perhaps tutorials where I see fit).

Hair game leveled up #mohawkbraid ftw

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Like my take on the mohawk braid. Yay original content.

Brace yourself, Pinterest.

And then I can finally be done with it. 4 years of preparation and experimentation over. Back to short, easy, flattering hair.


Not just hair that pretends to be short…

Or who knows, maybe this little exercise will renew my fascination with long hair, motivate me to do more new, interesting things with it, and convince me to keep it a little longer.

#hangover is a good look for me

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I could always add to my repertoire of hungover hairstyles.


In any case, this project is officially underway. Or, as officially as holding my own word to myself goes. Ahem.

My NuMe and I have some serious work to do. I’ll be back with photos that aren’t just sarcastic snapchats.

Later, hookers.

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